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8/15/2018 Legalizing cannabis businesses affects all of us
8/2/2018 Catherine Holt: Regional traffic solution is right in front of us
6/14/2018 Businesses pay unfair share of property taxes
6/7/2018 Facetime with Premier invaluable for business leaders
5/11/2018 Catherine Holt: Citizens’ assembly is right approach to explore amalgamation
5/8/2018 BC Ferries, so much more than suits from the South Island
4/11/2018 Parking: We don’t need a miracle, just a plan
3/28/2018 Catherine Holt: Top 10 things about employer tax that need fixing
3/23/2018 Building Good Business for 155 Years
2/25/2018 The universal truth about universal child care
2/22/2018 BC budget started well before taking disappointing tumble
2/1/2018 Building Good Business
1/4/2018 155 Years of Leadership in Greater Victoria
12/1/2017 You Never Know What You'll Find
11/6/2017 Too Many Chiefs
10/5/2017 How Many Roads Must We Walk Down?
9/1/2017 Is Your Business Ready for Disaster?
7/1/2017 “Those” People
4/8/2017 We Need a Regional Transportation Commission
4/3/2017 Collaborative Advocacy for Provincial Action
3/1/2017 Staying in the home you love
2/1/2017 What's (Left) in Your Wallet?
1/27/2017 Commercial tax ratio is unfair to businesses
1/3/2017 Short Term Residential Rentals - Inevitable
12/1/2016 Year in Review: The Power of Informed Voices
11/1/2016 Moving Transportation Forward: Let's Not Get Stuck - Again
10/1/2016 Sewage: Moving Forward!
9/1/2016 The retail plastic bag - an unnecessary evil?
8/1/2016 Policing our expectations – of police.
7/1/2016 Immigration For Our Workforce of Tomorrow
6/1/2016 Good News Doesn’t Have to be No News
5/1/2016 Uber – the Result of Too Much Regulation?
4/1/2016 Bustling Inner Harbour Creating Jobs for Region
3/1/2016 Affordable Housing: Key to Economic Vibrancy
1/29/2016 We should study budgets and offer input
1/8/2016 Regional Cooperation a Success – Without Amalgamation.
12/11/2015 GST and Affordable Housing
11/13/2015 Moving Tax
10/9/2015 How Sport Contributes to Regional Economy
9/15/2015 Greater Victoria - Key Contributor to Provincial Prosperity
8/14/2015 Nine Votes Can Make a Difference
7/10/2015 Billion dollar opportunity for Greater Victoria?
6/18/2015 AMALGAMANIA!
6/12/2015 Minimum Wage – Leave it Be!
4/11/2015 BC Ferries: A Fee Structure that Fits - OpEd
3/1/2015 What it Takes to Run a Small Business
2/2/2015 Mandatory Affordable Housing: Solution or Problem?
1/1/2015 New Year’s Resolution for a New Municipal Term
12/1/2014 BC Ferries Standoff
11/1/2014 Not Fair to Voters
10/1/2014 The Not-So Official Community Plan
9/1/2014 Amalgamation Now
8/1/2014 Victoria—A Long History with Trade
7/1/2014 A New Rainwater Utility
5/26/2014 Gap in Trades Training
5/1/2014 Regional Growing Pains
4/1/2014 Shipbuilding On Course for Positive Growth
3/1/2014 Our Vibrant Harbour
2/13/2014 Moving Our Economy - Regional Transportation Solutions
1/14/2014 Economic Growth Should Not Trigger Public Sector Spending Spree
12/27/2013 Don’t Get Left at the Curb
12/3/2013 Kitchen Waste — Who gives a scrap?
11/1/2013 Workforce Housing Poses a Challenge for Everyone
10/24/2013 Put Previous Consultation into Action on Ferries
9/3/2013 New Recycling Rules are Bad for Business
8/7/2013 A clash of views on how easy it is to land a job in Greater Victoria
7/1/2013 Connecting with Cabinet
6/1/2013 What a Liberal Win Means for Greater Victoria
5/8/2013 Election Time – Bringing Issues Home
5/1/2013 Greater Victoria Ranked Best Small City in the Americas
4/1/2013 Natural Gas on Vancouver Island – Making sense of BCUC’s decision
3/1/2013 Making the case for a regional transportation authority
3/1/2013 Growing Canada’s Tourism
2/25/2013 Chamber hands out daffodils as reminder of annual flower count
2/1/2013 Proposed National Marine Conservation Area


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