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8/21/2018 The Chamber connects Federal Finance Minister with Greater Victoria business leaders
5/28/2018 Greater Victoria advocacy priorities passed at B.C. Chamber AGM
5/10/2018 Greater Victoria Business Awards Recognized Local Achievements
3/21/2018 The Chamber hosts Bank of Canada Governor Stephen S. Poloz in Victoria on June 27
2/21/2018 Finance Minister addresses Chamber Business Leaders Luncheon
2/9/2018 Victoria Businesses Named Finalists For Excellence
1/24/2018 Building Good Business - 2018 Advocacy Priorities for The Chamber
1/17/2018 Eric Charman to be recognized for Lifetime Achievement
1/4/2018 Chamber Announces 2018 Board of Directors
12/7/2017 Chamber CEO Appointed Chair of BC Transit
12/5/2017 Chamber Member of the Year Announced for 2018
9/13/2017 Victoria Business Community Waiting to Hear About Regional Priorities
6/27/2017 Greater Victoria Chamber and Fair Short-Term Vacation Rentals
5/27/2017 Ogden Point Master Plan Endorsed by B.C. Business Community
5/27/2017 B.C. Business Community Agrees – Greater Victoria First Up for Transportation Authority
5/27/2017 B.C. Businesses Community Join Forces for Effective and Efficient Policing
5/27/2017 B.C. Business Community Unites for Fair Property Taxes
5/27/2017 B.C. Businesses Want Better Mental Health and Addictions Services
5/26/2017 B.C. Business Community Unites for Energy Efficiency
4/21/2017 Greater Victoria Business Awards Recognized Local Achievements
2/15/2017 B.C. Celebrates Chambers’ Work Supporting Business
2/9/2017 Dan Dagg: Chamber Member of the Year 2017
1/4/2017 Greater Victoria Chamber at the Helm for 2017
1/3/2017 Greater Victoria Chamber Announces New Board and Committees
12/6/2016 Businesses Recognize Mel Cooper for Lifetime of Achievement
9/15/2016 TP the Town Victoria: It’s Your ROLL to give!
6/21/2016 Chambers Look to Combine Forces
6/1/2016 Victoria Chamber Champions BC Ferries Funding
5/13/2016 Catherine Holt to Lead Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce
4/21/2016 Greater Victoria Business Awards Recognized Local Achievements
2/23/2016 Open Letter to Sewage Committee
2/22/2016 Murray And Lynda Farmer Recognized For A Lifetime Of Achievement
2/16/2016 B.C. Budget Brings Hope to Taxpayers
2/15/2016 Greater Victoria Celebrates Work of Chambers
1/27/2016 Regional Chamber Announces 2016 Priorities
10/30/2015 Regional Chamber Announces 2016 Board
10/23/2015 Chamber Commends BC Ferries For Market-Based Approach
10/22/2015 Chambers Unite For Fair Taxes
10/8/2015 Municipal Business Made Easy
4/24/2015 Foreign-Owned Businesses Key to Our Economy
4/21/2015 Federal Transit Funding Good News for Capital Region
4/13/2015 Victoria Making the Grade Globally
3/26/2015 Dr. Nazmudin G. Rayani Recognized for Lifetime Achievement
3/17/2015 Victoria Tourism and Business to Benefit from Canada-US Preclearance Agreement
3/12/2015 Minimum Wage Indexing Provides Predictability
2/17/2015 Tech Sector in Greater Victoria Gets Boost From BC Budget
2/16/2015 Community Celebrates Chamber Work
1/29/2015 Amalgamation and Regional Services Top Chamber 2015 Priorities
1/15/2015 Recognition is Good for Business
12/16/2014 UAE Tops the List of Potential Markets for Greater Victoria
10/7/2014 Homelessness & Panhandling—A 2014 Election Priority
9/29/2014 Federal Funding Needed to Support Victoria Harbour Airport
9/29/2014 Trades Completion Measures Receive National Support
7/29/2014 Amalgamation Results Are In!
7/14/2014 Professional Training for Local Campaigning
6/20/2014 Manning Centre Partners with Chamber to Support Local Politics
6/20/2014 Getting Fired Up for a Good Cause
5/26/2014 Oversight of Product Stewardship Organizations and Regional Governance Lead Victoria Chamber Policy Wins
4/24/2014 Awarding Business Excellence
3/27/2014 Open Letter to Mayor and Council of the Township of Esquimalt
2/26/2014 Island Natural Gas Rates to Match Province
2/25/2014 Bob Skene Recognized for Lifetime Achievement
2/18/2014 Budget Brings Big News for Capital Region Film Industry
2/4/2014 Recycling Regulations Rationalized
1/31/2014 Chamber Sets Eyes on 2014 Municipal Election
12/16/2013 Victoria Chamber Puts the Brakes on Transit Tax Increases
11/18/2013 Let’s Chat About BC Ferries Vision
10/7/2013 Chamber Calls on Government to Produce Cost-savings Plan for BC Ferries
6/13/2013 Chamber Applauds City’s Leadership
5/27/2013 Regional Transportation and BC Ferries Lead Four Victoria Chamber Policy Wins
4/30/2013 Chamber Supports FortisBC’s Request for Reconsideration
4/29/2013 Local Issues – Provincial Election
4/23/2013 Chamber Celebrates Business Excellence, And the Winners Are,...
3/21/2013 Canadian Chamber of Commerce Response to Federal Budget
2/27/2013 Chamber Urges Fortis Appeal
11/23/2012 Sewage Requires Additional Treatment
11/8/2012 Chamber Welcomes 2013 Executives
11/5/2012 Victoria Chamber Win! “Destination BC” Announced
11/1/2012 Chamber Endorses Top Infrastructure Priorities
10/15/2012 Chamber Celebrates Small Business Week 2012
9/24/2012 Chamber Workforce Housing and Immigration Initiatives Supported Nationally
3/28/2012 Rate of tax increases unsustainable
3/27/2012 Local Leaders More Confident about Local Economy
3/8/2012 Flower Count: 2 Billion Reasons to Visit Victoria
3/7/2012 City Report Reinforces Chamber Call for Sustainable Budgets
3/5/2012 Chamber Encouraged BC Transit is Holding the Line on Property Taxes
3/5/2012 2012 Flower Count Midway Mark
2/21/2012 “The Chamber” is the New Brand Identity for the Victoria Chamber
2/21/2012 “The Chamber” Unveils New Brand Identity
2/17/2012 Terry Farmer Wins Chamber Governors’ Lifetime Achievement Award
2/8/2012 Victoria Chamber Policy Helps Set National Business Priorities
1/24/2012 Major Route Consultation Missing from Ferry Commissioner’s Report
12/10/2011 Chamber Committee Elevates Mentorship To The Next Generation
11/24/2011 Chamber Gives Standing Ovation for Creation of Auditor General for Local Government
11/15/2011 Top Five Reasons to Vote in the Municipal Election
11/9/2011 Prodigy Group Donates $6000 to Local Charities
11/8/2011 Fiscal Prudence Message not Universally Received
11/8/2011 Municipal Candidates Give Mixed Reviews of Chamber’s Pillars of Good Governance
10/25/2011 Chamber Announces 2012 Board of Directors
10/19/2011 Awarding of National Shipbuilding Contract a Boost to Local Economy
9/29/2011 Open Data and Accountability are Pillars of Our Vibrant Community
9/29/2011 UBCM Tentative Support for Municipal Auditor General
9/29/2011 Chamber Encouraged by UBCM Tentative Support for Municipal Auditor General
9/21/2011 Municipal Candidates Urged to Support Vibrant Community Campaign
9/20/2011 Victoria Brings Home Policy Victory from National Chamber AGM
6/29/2011 Chamber Calls for Peer Review and Referendum on Rapid Transit Proposal
6/29/2011 Chamber Calls for Consultation on Rapid Transit Proposal
5/26/2011 Property Tax Trend Unsustainable
5/25/2011 Chamber Applauds Move to Reduce HST
5/12/2011 $23 million cost to Victoria if Marina prevented
5/11/2011 3.6% Property Tax Increase Unsustainable
5/4/2011 Competitive Property Taxes
5/4/2011 Sustainability for Businesses and Residents Key to Property Tax Ratios
4/20/2011 Chamber Celebrates Outstanding Performance at Chamber Awards
3/17/2011 Minimum Wage Increase Reflects Province’s Economic Reality says Victoria Chamber
3/10/2011 Chamber Supports Leadership of Mayor Frank Leonard
3/8/2011 City of Victoria Wins 2011 Flower Count
3/5/2011 2012 Flower Count Midway Mark
2/28/2011 Get Counting those Flowers!!
2/25/2011 Companies of Over 25 Years Celebrated at Chamber Week
2/21/2011 Chamber Week All Week!
12/9/2010 85% of Chamber Members in Favour of Higher Minimum Wage
11/20/2010 NO Vote Brings Tough Choices to City Council
11/20/2010 YES Vote Moves City Forward
11/18/2010 Pull Back on Tax Deduction Gives Opportunity for HST Mitigation
11/8/2010 Five Myths Plaguing the Johnson Street Bridge Discussion
10/27/2010 Chamber Announces New Board of Directors
9/28/2010 Chamber Brings Home Two Policy Victories from National AGM
9/15/2010 Chamber Begins Conversation on Energy
9/13/2010 Greater Victoria Chamber Executive Honoured for Excellence
8/5/2010 Chamber Supports Borrowing for Replacing Blue Bridge
7/6/2010 Have Your Say on Municipal Taxes
6/7/2010 Stand by for New/Old Social Service Tax
6/7/2010 25 Year Members
6/7/2010 Federal legislation for the current gas tax fund program
6/2/2010 Past Chair of Local Chamber Moves Up to Provincial Role
5/31/2010 Chamber Calls for Municipal Auditor General
5/26/2010 Victoria Chamber Champions Tourism Concerns at Provincial Level
4/28/2010 Chamber Celebrates Outstanding Performance at Chamber Awards
4/8/2010 City’s Pace on Tax Reduction too Slow
3/5/2010 21 Billion Blooms in 2010
3/2/2010 Budget 2010 Brings Few Surprises
2/15/2010 14 Million Remains in Budget for Regional Rapid Transit
2/11/2010 Finance Minster Brings Budget Speech to the Chamber
1/14/2010 2010 Flower Count Planning Underway
1/14/2010 Report Confirms Victoria Needs to Focus on Crime Reduction
2/24/2009 Flower Count Takes Flight at the Airport on Thursday
2/8/2009 Join the 2011 Flower Count
2/8/2009 Join the 2011 Flower Count


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