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5/12/2011 Media Release
$23 million cost to Victoria if Marina prevented


IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                              

May 12, 2010

$23 million cost to Victoria if Marina prevented

Victoria, BC — The decision on the marina will soon rest with the City of Victoria and the cost of stopping the project could be as high as $23 million.

Federal Environmental Approval and yesterday’s announcement that a Navigable Waters permit will be issued complete the two most rigorous federal approval processes.  The BC Integrated Land Management Branch is now expected to address the issue of riparian rights in its own provincial approval process.  If this marina proposal is held to the same standard as every other marina in the province, then approval should be expected as a matter of course. 

The final decision could rest with the City of Victoria. 

Municipalities control property development mainly through zoning decisions.  The land use decision on the Marina was made years ago by Victoria City Council, is reflected in the current zoning related to the project, and in the Official Community Plan.

Victoria Council has been under pressure from some groups to prevent the marina from being built.  Council could choose to reduce the zoning and effectively deny the property owner from exercising established property rights.  But such decisions have financial consequences that do not appear to have been taken into account. 

The Chamber estimates that the cost to City of Victoria taxpayers would be in the range of $16 - $23 million should Victoria City Council deny access to the water lot.

Municipal Councils should encourage development that is consistent with current zoning and community plans. The friction between current and proposed uses is natural and Council should be seeking accommodations that assure equitable access to all user groups.

This process needs to limit the liability to Victoria taxpayers and any Council plan or action must consider the financial consequences on the entire community.  Tens of millions of dollars to prevent development is not in anyone’s best interest.


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