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3/2/2010 Media Release
Budget 2010 Brings Few Surprises


IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                              

March 2, 2010

Budget 2010 Brings Few Surprises

Victoria, BC —  The provincial budget presentation was a “steady as she goes announcement. There was very few surprises in either spending or programs.

“Our concerns about the extent to which government cut-backs may impact on our local economy were diminished by the budget presentation,” says Bruce Carter, CEO of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce. “It appears that the decrease in full time employment going forward will be spread across the province, compared to concentrated in Victoria, as the government city. We expect about another 1000 lay-offs up to the end of 2012.”

The budget noted that the full time complement of staff would have an overall decrease of 11% between budget 08/09 and 12/13 with about half of that decrease coming from attrition. About one third of the decrease attributed to lay offs have already taken place. The remainder of lay-offs will likely occur in the resource sectors with a smaller portion in citizen services.

“The disbursement of lay-offs means that the day to day economy of Greater Victoria will feel little impact. Our local businesses can be confident that a good part of their customer base will have restored consumer confidence,” continues Carter.

The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce has approximately 1500 members and is the voice of business for the Greater Victoria region. The Greater Victoria Chamber has received Accreditation with Distinction from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.


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