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Greater Victoria, BC News


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4/13/2015 Media Release
Victoria Making the Grade Globally

April 13, 2015
– Victoria, BC – Greater Victoria has been recognized as one of the top 10 small cities from North and South America for both Human Capital and Lifestyle and Investment Strategies. The results of this year’s analysis of the top cities has been announced by London’s Financial Times in their bi-annual fDi American Cities of the Future publication.

Top 10 placement for Investment Strategies was awarded for the pro-active three-year trade and investment program undertaken by the Greater Victoria Development Agency (GVDA) and its partners that has resulted in among other things over $10 million in new investment in Victoria with two more years to go. “We have worked hard to benefit the economy of Greater Victoria and it is great to see our efforts recognized by such a globally respected leader (The Financial Times),” said Dallas Gislason, economic development officer for the GVDA.

The top 10 placement for Human Capital and Lifestyle provides international exposure for the desirability of the region. “We’re in the process of reinventing Victoria as a leading edge city that embraces the future and builds on the past,” says Lisa Helps, Mayor of Victoria. “Jam-packed with innovation, creativity and entrepreneurs Victoria’s human capital has the potential to make a significant contribution in the knowledge-based 21st century economy.”

Companies follow talent and the GVDA is actively working with partners to court entrepreneurs and individuals with key skill sets who possess the business acumen to work anywhere and demand a positive work/life environment such as the one Victoria offers. “We know we have a great place to live and a very strong and well-educated workforce. It is great to see that view is shared globally,” said Dan Dagg, chair of the GVDA. “We will be able to use this award to further our attraction of skilled labour and continue to grow our economy.”

The recognition of our strength as one of the top cities in the Americas marks a successful end of the first year of a 3-year $1.6-million economic growth program. The GVDA works to sustain and create new household sustaining jobs in Greater Victoria. The agency provides information to hundreds of investors annually, works to retain existing business and help businesses grow.

fDi Intelligence


FDI – Foreign Direct Investment

For more information contact:

Dan Dagg
Chair, Greater Victoria Development Agency
C: 250-514-9318

Dallas Gislason
Economic Development Officer, Greater Victoria Development Agency
C: 250-812-0510


    • FDI Magazine is the world’s foremost intelligence publication on global foreign investment activity and is part of the Financial Times of London (FT).

    •  The Financial Times (FT) is a British international daily newspaper founded in 1888, which has an average daily readership of 2.2 million people worldwide (along with which has 4.5 million registered users). FT is the primary global competitor of The Wall Street Journal.


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