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6/7/2010 Media Release
Stand by for New/Old Social Service Tax

Stand by for New/Old Social Service Tax

The decisive referendum results mean we now move to re-create Social Service Tax (PST). If you haven’t heard the results already 45.3% to keep HST and 54.7% for return to PST.

Our task over the coming months will be to consult with Government to rectify inefficiencies in the previous tax administration to make this easier for business. Ideally we will be able to make the administration easier and reduce the potential audit liability we experienced in the previous system.  The Government will have a balancing act to perform to manage their finances and we are confident the Premiers commitment to competitive tax regime will limit any tax increases.

The Chamber’s role is expected to be extensive in the consultation process and in delivering information during the implementation phase. We will work closely with you our members and the government to complete this task.

If you have any suggestion on how to improve on the old PST system, please send them now.


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