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11/20/2010 Media Release
YES Vote Moves City Forward


IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                              

November 20, 2010

YES Vote Moves City Forward

Victoria, BC – The Greater Victoria Chamber gave high fives over the YES vote on the borrowing referendum to fund the rebuilding of the Johnson Street Bridge.

“We see this as a very positive outcome for our region,” says Bruce Carter, CEO of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce. “The approval for financing creates new opportunities for the City to create a secure transportation route for another 100 years and accommodate bikes, pedestrians and provide an increased level of reliability.”

The City of Victoria referendum question was seeking permission from voters to borrow up to $49.2 million to fund the rebuilding of the bridge. The bridge is coming to the end of its design life and needs to be replaced in the next few years.

“With this new iconic project, there is an opportunity to include rail and with the CRD willing to come to the table we need to fully exploit this opportunity,” continued Carter. “The rail must be integrated into downtown plans to allow the development of higher capacity commuter options on this important regional route.”

The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce has approximately 1500 members and is the voice of business for the Greater Victoria region. The Greater Victoria Chamber has received Accreditation with Distinction from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.


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