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11/8/2011 Media Release
Fiscal Prudence Message not Universally Received

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Fiscal Prudence Message not Universally Received

November 8, 2011 – Victoria, BC – Not all Municipal candidates recognize the current economic challenges and are unwilling to link budget increases to economic reality. Comments on the Chamber’s elections website like the one from Cairine Green, miss the point about connecting the budget increases to our ability to pay “.…capped property tax increases at 5%,” Cairine Green – Oak Bay.

Excerpts from four of the Municipal Candidates are contained below:

Yes. There is only one taxpayer, and in time of fiscal uncertainty, I will continue to respect your ability to pay. A vibrant community requires a healthy economy, and I will continue to ask hard questions, even about popular services.” Frank Leonard - Saanich

I think it's important to try to live within our means. The biggest challenge cities face is timely investment in services and infrastructures that support equitable access and create economic opportunity. Only eight cents of the tax dollar comes to municipalities, nearly all from property tax. Ninety-two cents flows to senior governments. I'm one of those civic leaders arguing for access to existing revenue streams outside of property tax, like the two cents a litre of federal fuel tax revenues.“ David Cubberly - Saanich

Absolutely we must keep taxes and spending within our means. As Mayor for the past three years, I’m proud of city council’s record of fiscal balance combined with targeted investments to generate jobs and improve our quality of life. In the next term we will take further steps to relieve pressure on taxpayers by identifying new sources of revenue.” Dean Fortin - Victoria

For the past three years, property tax increases have outstripped inflation by 300% and the commercial share has risen to 51%. ….These trends threaten the social and economic vitality of our City and must be brought under control sooner rather than later.”  Paul Brown - Victoria

The Chamber continues to push for a municipal budget cap increase equal to the rate of GDP increase plus a factor for population growth. The responses from 42 municipal candidates are available on the

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