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Meet Times Colonist

In a nutshell: The Times Colonist is the primary source of news and information about what’s going on in this community. They are also a voice for local businesses, enabling them to reach potential customers and help them build their brand.

Number of Employees:

Industry Sector:
Print media

Area of Town:
The corporate office and press are located in downtown Victoria, serving South Island up to Campbell River for daily papers.

Primary Product/Service:
Daily newspaper (six days per week)

How would you describe the Times Colonist in 30 words or less:

The Times Colonist is the voice of the community. We give a voice to advertisers, community groups, arts groups, cultural organizations, non-profits, those in need, and those that need to get their message heard. We truly serve the community and it takes many forms.

What is the best part about doing business in Greater Victoria?

The best part about doing business in Greater Victoria is that every action that we take has a ripple effect. For instance, we support the Mustard Seed, we also have our own Christmas fund, which last year raised a quarter of a million dollars that we gave to the community. The ripples of that effect our readers, they effect our advertisers, and they effect people of need in the community. In a bigger community with a larger market, a newspaper would not have that kind of impact.

We can reach into the homes of so many residents with our actions and coverage. That’s the best part of what we do, we can really have an impact for good.

What is the best thing the Times Colonist is doing for Greater Victoria?

We support local organizations. Last year, the Times Colonist gave over $3 million in cash or in-kind donations to local organizations. We also have two major fundraisers, one is our Christmas fund that raised approximately $250,000 and the Raise a Reader literacy fund that raised over $250,000 for local schools. In-kind donations are made to various organizations like muscular dystrophy, juvenile diabetes and the cancer society, many organizations that have events to raise money for their particular cause. The Times Colonist provides support to many organizations with in-kind advertising donations to make sure that people in the community are aware of their event. That’s one of the best things we do.

What is it like working at Times Colonist?

It’s thrilling to be at the centre of everything happening in the community. I can say that honestly. I personally get a thrill when people ask me where I work, because I don’t have to explain it to them or I can just say I work at the TC. Our brand is very valuable here.
It moves fast here because of the daily deadlines, to publish six days a week you have deadlines every day. People are here 24/7, around the clock, from advertisers, editorial, and human resources staff to the mail room and press. It’s a busy place, there is always something going on.

What are 3 things few people know about the Times Colonist?

One of the first things that many people don’t know about the Times Colonist, and it usually surprises people, is that it takes 1,600 carriers to deliver the paper every day.
The second thing most people don’t know, is that the Times Colonist was created from the merger of the British Colonist and the Victoria Daily. The British Colonist was started by Amor De Cosmos in 1858, and he later became the second premier of BC.
Lastly, every daily edition of the paper needs 22 one-tonne rolls of news print.

What is the Times Colonist proudest of?

We are proud that in the environment that print newspapers find themselves today, we are not only surviving but thriving as a daily newspaper in our community. We have been successful through a variety of strategies. With the onslaught of digital media, we have diversified with social media, online versions, our free edition for non-subscribers, and a new magazine (Capital). We have made a concerted effort to be focused on local stories as well as promoting Victoria.

Are there any other fun facts about the Times Colonist we should know?

The biggest recent addition is that the Times Colonist now delivers to everyone that is not a subscriber once a week. The weekly paper is called Extra Extra, which is a compilation of advertisements and stories from the previous week in the Times Colonist.
The number of papers printed has not changed much in the last ten years. Like all newspapers, our circulation has declined incrementally in the last ten years because people choose to get their news digitally. But we are doing more things to make sure that more people read the paper and our readership is growing. We make sure that daily copies of the Times Colonist are in places where people congregate like Tim Horton’s, McDonald’s, Starbucks, BC Transit, in hotels and on the ferries.

When compared to other print newspapers, our readership of 217,000 people a week is twice most other daily newspapers. It’s a phenomenal number in this market and we are pretty proud of it and that is why we continue to provide value to the advertisers.
For more information about Times Colonist check out their directory listing.


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