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Meet Scott Plastics

In a nutshell: Scott Plastics is a family business that’s been around for 60 years. We have our proprietary product lines, as well as do custom injection molding and tool and die making. We have a fantastically loyal staff, and have grown from a local BC company to a worldwide company.

# of Employees: 85 permanent employees. 53 of which have been here for over 10 years

Industry Sector: Manufacturer of Fishing, Outdoor and Firefighting Products

Area of Town: Saanich Peninsula, near the airport

Primary Product/Service: We have evolved to produce thousands of products under the Scotty Trademark which are sold in worldwide fishing, outdoor and firefighting markets. 

Annual Revenue: $13 million

How would you describe Scott Plastics in 30 words or less?
From design, tooling, mold production, assembly, packaging, shipping to sales and marketing, Scott Plastics Ltd. does everything under one roof. We are proud of what we manufacture, and we believe in it.

What is the best part about doing business in Greater Victoria?
I think one of the nicest parts about doing business on the Peninsula is that everyone around us is friendly, helpful and engaged when it comes to growing and strengthening our economy, as well as creating and maintaining jobs. Businesses small and large have a sense of community and really try to be involved on a local scale, not just globally.

What is the best thing Scott Plastics is doing for Greater Victoria?
We support almost 100 local charities on an annual basis as well as participate in a number of community events like the Heart and Stroke Big Bike Ride and the recent Community Corporate Rowing Challenge. Scott Plastics is also committed to the environment. We don’t use any Styrofoam for our packaging; it’s all recyclable paper and cardboard which we’ve redesigned to use around 80% less than before. In addition, our fishing downriggers come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty so we don’t just produce goods that end up in landfills. We have literally had people bring in a 45 year old downrigger for repair, which we happily service so they can continue fishing with it.

What is it like working at Scott Plastics?
We employ close to 100 residents from all over the region and offer fair wages, bonus packages, extended health and dental benefits, and a pension plan. We are a family business, and all of our staff is like one big family. Our staff’s loyalty speaks volumes but it’s probably better to ask a non-family member, like Genevieve who’s sitting here next to me.
Genevieve's response, "I come from Alberta and I’ve worked for some major big businesses, the big difference here is that everyone cares. There are 3 shifts in the molding division, but even as the early morning shift is leaving, we’re arriving and we take the time to say hi and check in with everyone. Despite the large number of employees we really do all know each other. It helps that the Scotts genuinely care; we all mean something. We feel like what we do is important, and the company reflects that. I’ve been here nine years and the company has always been supportive of me. Like all families, we don’t always get along; we can disagree as easily as brothers and sisters, but at the end of the day we care about each other and doing a good job."

What are 3 things few people know about Scott Plastics?
Not many people realize that since we do custom molding, we can manufacture almost anything. In the past 20 years we have shifted from 95 percent BC based sales to 65 percent export, shipping all over the world. In that same period our revenues have grown four times over. Since foreign manufacturers are capable of knocking off products very quickly these days, we have to continually come up with innovative designs that we can produce quickly, while ensuring our products are of high quality. Having everything under the same roof makes a big difference in our competitiveness, because new ideas for improvement can be implemented throughout the manufacturing process. If we aren’t satisfied with the way a product turns out, we grind it back into plastic pellets and start over. 

Here at Scott Plastics we’re proudest of:
We are proud of our amazing dedicated staff, and our products. Our commitment to quality, fair pricing and unmatched service has taken us to where we are today and will hopefully serve us well for many years to come.

Other fun facts about Scott Plastics:
On top of our brands, we offer custom molding which in turn means we have had a variety of funny requests over the years… From a set of plastic wings, to bathtubs, to a single custom molded bucket, we’ve heard it all. Although we do custom work, it is typically only on a high volume basis.

For more information about Scott Plastics check out their Chamber Directory Listing or their website.


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