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Meet Synetic Inc

In a nutshell:  We are pioneers and innovators. The company mission is to bring a new approach to data storage management and provide advanced solutions to its clients worldwide. 

 # of Employees:  5 - 6

Industry Sector: Technology Sector

Area of Town: Saanich (and the world)

Primary Product/Service:  Innovative data protection solutions, from custom-built servers, enterprise grade SANs to SMB RAID1 products.

How would you describe Synetic Inc. in 30 words or less?

Synetic is a data protection management company that works globally to deliver technology solutions, from hardware to complete implementations. 

What is the best part about doing business in
Greater Victoria?
Although most of our clients are not in Victoria, we have our business here because we like the city. We like the lifestyle, people, the kindness, the help and support we get from the community and from the other businesses.

The people who live here don’t seem to appreciate the wonders of this city as much as those who have lived elsewhere. We’ve had lots of opportunities and offers to move the company elsewhere, but we choose to live and work in Victoria

What is the best thing Synetic Inc. is doing for Greater Victoria?
Roughly 90 per cent of Synetic’s work is, by its very nature, green and energy/power saving. We work hard to encourage businesses globally to reduce excess power consumption by implementing innovative solutions. Most businesses don’t need 20 servers - one server can do the job utilizing Virtualization technology. Buying more hardware isn’t always a solution, it may be an expensive band-aid. The irony of this is we are encouraging people to buy less equipment from us and leverage their existing infrastructure.

We do not want to profit by creating pollution. We want our business to profit from providing healthy, efficient, intelligent solutions.

We are humbled and amazed by our charity of choice, Watoto Canada. We provide support for their organization locally and internationally, even going so far as sending members of our team to Africa to help. One day we opened our doors and were serenaded by the cherubic voices of their children’s choir. Amazing!   

What is it like working at Synetic Inc.?
We get to talk to people from all over the world. Some of us even travel to places you would never have imagined, but we make these connections and then create a relationship with them.

It is very exciting and fulfilling being able to deliver technology that we take for granted to places with infrastructure lagging by 10+ years. It may take incredibly long hours to rework solutions to even that playing field, but it’s worth it knowing you’ve made a phenomenal difference.

We are like a technology ER, we fix critical issues for clients around the world, often providing that crucial missing piece to enable retrieval of terabytes of data, the loss of which would cripple a company.

What are 3 things few people know about Synetic Inc.?

We actually stop and spend 20 minutes a day to just talk about non-work subjects, politics, life, and things that interest the staff and are important to them. We treat them like a family because their wellbeing is our wellbeing too.

Some of the projects/products that we work on can take thousands of emails and hundreds of hours of bug testing, working with manufacturers to hone the final product into something that truly works for the customer. We ship worldwide and compete with the largest companies in the field. We’re also the exclusive distributor for several manufacturers in North America.

In our work with less-advantaged countries, we encourage the use of technology as part of connecting and educating their people. We believe strongly that a well-educated population is best equipped to evaluate the options and opportunities and make the decisions that will provide a positive future.

Here at Synetic Inc. we’re proudest of:
Our integrity and business ethics. We are known as that kind of company. We try to sell our clients only what they need and that’s why we have customers like the US Department of Energy, Milan’s transportation system, etc. We don’t sell a product, we sell a solution.

We are a knowledge-based company. We are very proud of how we are seen by our clients, and our reputation for excellence world-wide.

We work with new members of the team and we take them beyond classroom theory and teach them real-world skills - taking them from being an expense to being an asset to the bottom-line.

Other fun facts about Synetic Inc.
Systems technicians are notorious for not eating well. When we have our morning sessions to brainstorm plans and solutions, I sit and peel fruit for our staff to make sure they are eating healthy. We’ve been known to go so far as to feed them home-made soup when it looks like they might be getting sick!

Working in R&D and all the fun stuff at Synetic has to be earned. New staff must be trained for 3 years before moving into the R&D environment.

For more information about Synetic Inc. check out their Chamber Directory Listing or website.



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