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Meet GT Hiring Solutions

In a nutshell: We are an employment service agency that helps people with job and career choices as well as training opportunities for those that are currently unemployed or underemployed.

Number of Employees:
40 employees in four Greater Victoria offices (over 100 employees across BC)

Industry Sector:
Employment Services

Area of Town:
Corporate-Downtown, Douglas/Pandora, Gorge and on Borden Street in Saanich

Primary Product/Service:
Employment Services

How would you describe GT Hiring Solutions in 30 words or less:

We provide employment services to people who are seeking either a job or a new job. We provide them with community support, training support and employment opportunities. In partnership with employers and the community at large, GT Hiring Solutions helps support people in achieving success. For most people that is moving forward in employment but for others it may be in volunteering.

What is the best part about doing business in Greater Victoria?

The best part about working in Greater Victoria is that it’s a city that is still has a small community feel. This means that it’s easier to engage businesses and it provides the opportunities to meet other businesses that can either support what you do or are like minded. This level of engagement is much greater than it would be in a large city, while we also have all the benefits of a large city.

What is the best thing GT Hiring Solutions is doing for Greater Victoria?

We give back to the community as much as we can. Most of which is in volunteering. My partner (Frank Bourree) and I spend significant amounts of time volunteering in the community with various organizations and projects. We enjoy supporting our community by being a part of building it.
We also have a volunteer program with all of our staff which means that they get paid time off to volunteer once a year at an event or a day or an activity. The reason we do that is because everyone has something different they are passionate about. So for some it means that they support their church, while for others it may be working at the food bank or getting involved with jazz fest. We want our staff to get involved wherever their passion lies. That’s how we give back to the community.

What is it like working at GT Hiring Solutions?

We build a culture of trust. We do our best to hire the right and the brightest people for the positions. Then we give them the tools and the support that they need to do their job, and then we get out of the way! We avoid second guessing our staff, they are the experts in whatever piece that they do and we move everything along as a team.
Most of our staff have worked with us for a long time and all of our management has been promoted from within. One of our employees, Lasha, just celebrated 20 years working with us. It’s like family.

What are 3 things few people know about GT Hiring Solutions?

Few people know that GT Hiring Solutions is a relatively small company, many people think we are much bigger than we are. In addition, we have been working in the Greater Victoria community for over 20 years.
Since GT Hiring Solutions began delivering employment services in 1994 we have assisted more than 35,000 British Columbians to find work through our varied locations.
I also think people don’t realize that it’s not just employment that we can provide people. For some people just getting up every day and volunteering is a huge step moving forward. This is particularly true if it’s someone who is perhaps just working through addiction issues or someone that has gone through domestic violence and is getting their self-esteem back. We offer opportunities and support for people to move forward in their lives, whatever that might be. It’s really about looking at all the pieces that people need, not just a job.

What is GT Hiring Solutions proudest of?

Our team, because they do all the hard work and are extremely caring. Whether it’s the idea of bringing used cell phones for clients to use or setting up a staff donated food bank. These were all inspired by staff. They genuinely care about the people they serve.
We are a business and we are successful as a business but our success doesn’t come at the expense of anybody, whether it’s our staff or the community.

Are there any other fun facts about GT Hiring Solutions we should know?

We put on great air band contests! We do this every year at our conferences. All our different offices participate and put it together. It’s great fun and everyone looks forward to it.

For more information about GT Hiring Solutions check out their Chamber Directory Listing or their website.


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