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Meet Daniels Electronics

In a nutshell: We enable 2 way radios (walkie talkies) to talk to each other over greater distances allowing the police, fire department and paramedics to help people every day.

# of Employees: 73 at Daniels, and 500 people worldwide as part of Codan

Industry Sector: Radio

Area of Town: James Bay, across from the Fisherman’s Wharf Park

Primary Product/Service: Designing and manufacturing radio repeaters, which enable 2 way radios (walkie talkies) to communicate and specializing in the emergency response industry.

Annual Revenue: 24 million for Daniels and 189 million for Codan global

How would you describe Daniel’s in 30 words or less?
A Victoria based business specializing in two way radio communications; we design, manufacture, sell, and service everything we make on a worldwide basis.

What is the best part about doing business in Greater Victoria?
The lifestyle; there’s a nice enjoyable pace to life and this is a great place to live and work.

What is the best thing Daniel’s is doing for Greater Victoria?
Daniels generates 73 jobs in the community, and is supporting Victoria’s emergency services response teams. Since a lot of our applications are solar powered, we consider ourselves a fairly green company, and we think that is an important contribution as well.

What is it like working at Daniel’s?
Daniels began as a family company and now as part of Codan, the same focus on staff remains. Daniels proudly features their past technology in a long display case that takes up an entire wall in the break room. Many employees like to track their length of time spent with the company by which particular repeater was in production at the time. Gerry Wight, VP of Sales and Marketing comes from a tech and engineering background so we had to ask, why sales? As it turns out, most of the sales discussions about Daniels’ repeaters usually focus around a particular customer’s needs. Doing sales at Daniels is very similar to doing product development as part of the engineering team. Gerry admits he often “steals” staff from a variety of technical areas in the company who show an interest in interacting with customers, and then spends a year training them in sales. Daniels needs its sales team to really know the ins and outs of how their repeaters work, and what kind of conditions they will need to withstand.

What are 3 things few people know about Daniel’s?
We are leading the way in green technology by choosing to eliminate lead and other harmful materials in the manufacturing of our radio repeaters. There isn’t yet legislation to stop using these materials in Canada, and we hope that our good example will help other companies decide to follow suit.

We maintain a massive parts inventory, often with enough supplies to continue manufacturing and providing support for up to 10 years. For example if we’re using an Intel chip for one of our designs, within 6 months the chip may have already be discontinued and replaced by a newer chip, so we will buy 10 years’ worth to avoid having to change our designs every 6 months too.

We have been a vital source of support in national emergencies (e.g., Hurricane Katrina, forest fires in Kelowna, etc.) over the last 10 years.  

Here at Daniels we’re proudest of:
We are proud to be creating jobs in our community, and to provide mentorship to students who may eventually become part of our team. We work extensively with both Camosun and UVIC to ensure the curriculum in their programs will prepare students for the skills needed to work at Daniels. Our manufacturing department is made up of approximately 90% Camosun grads, so you can really see the results of being connected with the educational community.

Other fun facts about Daniels:
  • 2 years: the total development time from the time we receive a product request to when the final product comes off the manufacturing floor.
  • With the shift in technology towards digitization, we now find ourselves having to teach people what radio is as there’s a new generation that has never had any experience growing up with it.

For more information about Daniels Electronics check out their Chamber Directory Listing or their website.


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