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Meet Titan Boats

Titan Boats is a manufacturer of aluminum Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (known as RHIBs). Its boats are used for search and rescue, police and fire fighting, environmental vessels and in commercial tourism and recreation.

Titan Boats has state-of-the-art facilities in Sidney that provide over 5,400 square feet of fabrication space and another 1,600 square feet for outfitting and rigging.

For this profile, we interviewed Jennifer Michell, Titan’s marketing coordinator.

How would you describe Titan Boats?

Titan Boats is a manufacturing gem in the Greater Victoria region. Since my father, John Stanners, founded the company in 1998, he and our team of skilled trades people have produced some of the finest aluminum vessels on the market today. All orders are manufactured from start to finish, beginning as a sheet of aluminum and leaving the shop as a working vessel. Titan Boats isn’t just boats though. We do custom aluminum fabrication also.

How would you describe Greater Victoria’s small boat manufacturing industry?

With a large percentage of sales from government enforcement, local demand for this type of high strength, durable work boat isn’t always there from year-to-year. With that, the industry tends to diversify into other avenues that can sustain business through slower periods. The small boat manufacturing industry, specifically aluminum boat manufacturing, will always have a home in the region. Being on an island, there is always going to be someone needing a beach-able boat!  

What is the best thing about doing business in Greater Victoria? 

The diversity of customers, businesses and the way everyone is there to help you succeed. In Greater Victoria, you’ll find a diverse amount of industries all within a 50-kilometre radius; most of whom are willing to work together to see everyone succeed.

What is the best thing Titan Boats is doing for Greater Victoria?

Steady employment. Plus we’re an anomaly with being able to employ a skilled workforce that resides on the Saanich Peninsula. We have 30 employees, and also support apprenticeships and co-ops with the local trades schools.

What is it like working at Titan Boats?  

I’m biased. The company was formed and founded by my father. He began the first “Titan Boat” in the basement of my childhood home. It’s humbling knowing that what we produce goes around the world, competing with some of the biggest players in our industry. We may be small in size, but what our team can produce is no small feat.

What is Titan Boats most proud of?

The quality level of everything that heads out of the gates. Whether you order a custom offshore enforcement vessel, a catamaran fishing vessel or a fuel tank; we put in the same level of quality for all our customers. We’re also very proud of our after-sales customer service. When you purchase a vessel from us, it’s not just a “here’s your order, have a good day” deal. We want to make sure the customer is completely satisfied with their product from the time they get it to 10 years later.

Fun Facts:
  • Our first shipment to Europe is happening this year with the delivery of Titan 290 Patrol Vessels being delivered to the Slovenian Police Department.
  • The majority of the whale-watching boats you see in Victoria Harbour are Titan Boats.
  • We have a 6’ X 28’ Waterjet cutting table, which is one of the largest on the island.
  • The owner, John, is no office man. He may be the brains of the operation, but make no mistake, when you walk into our facilities, he’s on the floor making final decisions and doing the rigorous quality control that our customers have come to expect from our products. Being a welder/fabricator by trade, the office is not where you’ll find John for more than 30 minutes a day.
  • We’re a "family" company. Our business manager is John’s father-in-law. His son is in outfitting and rigging vessels. John’s nephew is our rigging shop foreman. His cousin is the lead painter and his father does all our stability, preliminary drawings and vessel technical documents.
  • Often when walking into our office you’ll be greeted by one of two Great Danes, Dozer and Duke.
For more information about Titan Boats check out their Chamber Directory Listing or their website.


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