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Something for Everyone

Whether you are a first time player who has never picked up a paintball marker in your life, or a seasoned recreational paintball veteran, you will find TNT Paintball the most enjoyable place to play paintball on Vancouver Island.

TNT Paintball has been in operation over eleven years in the Victoria area, and during those eleven years we have been very busy building one of the best fields in North America. We offer five very different themed playing fields, competitive rates, great staff, and a whole lot of fun!

We are a recreational paintball field, meaning that we play to have fun. There is always a little friendly rivalry, but we do not play tournament type paintball at TNT Paintball. Although winning or loosing a particular game is relevant, it is not the primary focus. Fun and safety are much more important to the operators of TNT Paintball and our experience has shown us, that is also true for our customers.

We encourage relatively low paintbal consumption compared to most fields as we have found that people tend to enjoy playing in lower paintball volume environments. Although part of our income is dependant on selling our customers paintballs, we would rather have our customers have a really good time, than having less fun in a high paintball environment knowing they may not want to come back. This more casual, low volume style of play philosophy is what has made TNT Paintball successful. If you have not tried playing paintball at TNT Paintball, maybe it's time.

If you are browsing this site to find out if paintball may be something you would like to try but are still unsure, we would love for you to come out to our facility and see for yourself how much fun the participants at TNT Paintball are having…and how much fun you too could be having. Or maybe you are browsing the site to see if TNT Paintball is suitable for your organization outing, whether it be a work group, sports team, church group, or just some friends wanting to get together for a good time. Come visit us during a day when we are open and check out the facility from inside our safety netted staging area or you may want to put on a spectator mask and safety vest and see the action close up, right on the fields. Come check us out. You may be pleasantly surprised. 

Hours of Operation


TNT Paintball is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm

You may drop-in (lots of players do), but reservations are suggested as we do sell out on occasion and there is a small chance you may be turned away. 

Weekdays (Mon - Fri)

TNT Paintball will also open any weekday if we have 20 confirmed players coming to play. If we do not have at least 20 players confirmed, we will not be open, so please check with us before making the drive and being disappointed when you get there and we are not open. 

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